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Deeper by Robin York

Deeper - Robin York

Review posted at the USA Today Happy Ever After Blog.

Harder - Robin York

Review posted at the HEA USA Today Happy Ever After Blog.

Just a Little Crush - Renita Pizzitola

Review to follow

Only - HelenKay Dimon

Enjoyed Bast's story - will be posting review at USA Today Happy Ever After Blog. :)

Shatter - Erin McCarthy

Review posted at the USA Today Happy Ever After Blog.

Indiscretion: Volume One

Indiscretion: Volume One - Elisabeth Grace Elisabeth Grace sets a solid foundation for her story about a driven small town realtor working hard to advance her career & a billionaire's son overseeing the construction of his family's latest business venture. Heroine has made significant sacrifices due to family responsibilities, hero has father issues.

That said, the lead characters were easy to connect with: the hero has a strong personality but isn't your typical billionaire's son aka the 50 Shades trope (of note, there are no BDSM elements). Heroine is goal oriented, but compassionate and modest.

The cliffhanger ending for Volume One of this serial caused me to blink, although it was certainly unexpected and I'm invested enough to see where the author takes Chloe and Max' relationship next.

As a side note, the author clearly identifies she writes New Adult Romance on her website but while the ages of Chloe and Max put them right on the cusp of the millennial demographic, the other attributes associated with NA, aren't in the picture. So, I had trouble reconciling this story as fitting the NA genre. While I know it's nit-picky and not particular to Indiscretion, to my mind it reads as a Contemporary Romance and sometimes I feel like the lines are blurring between these genres.

One Night of Sin (After Hours)

One Night of Sin (An After Hours Novella) - Elle Kennedy Sexy well paced novella, connected with the characters & would love to read Reed & AJ's stories (hero's partners and best friends).

Shadow Whispers

Shadow Whispers - Lexxie Couper Spooky, sexually explicit contemporary romance / supernatural / horror. Heroine is stalked by a psycho who is obsessed and I mean obsessed with her. He is killed in a car accident and comes back as this malevolent poltergeist - determine to possess her. The hero is a tortured soul (also dead) who is sent to protect her.

I've not read scary paranormal written by Couper before. At first I wasn't sure if I'd like it but then became so invested I couldn't put it down. I don't think this novel is for everyone but if the premise described appeals, you might like to give it a try.

Love is a Battlefield

Love is a Battlefield - Vivian Arend, Elle Kennedy I really enjoyed the first book of this series, unique premise, connected with well formed endearing characters. I'd looked forward to this one, I'd connected with the characters and was curious to see what had happened to Pepper. I liked Jack but found Pepper annoying & did't buy some aspects of their relationship. I put the book aside and tried again twice but gave up at 50%.

As a side note, I'm a fan of Viv Arend & Elle Kennedy's work & this is the first time one of their books hasn't resonated with me.

The Tycoon's Convenient Bride... and Baby

The Tycoon's Convenient Bride... and Baby - Shoshanna Evers I gave this book more than 1 try but found the characterization very inconsistent. On introspection, the heroine kept alluding that she was going to resist getting intimately involved with her husband of convenience but was then getting naked in front of him, or performing sexual favors for him. I found the hero quite insensitive and I couldn't see these two together.

The plot seemed rather contrived with regard to the heroine's twin disappearing with his wife & the lack of concern or "grieving" on the part of the family didn't ring true. The lack of involvement on the part of the heroine's mother was a glaring hole in the plot.

I read approximately 30% of this story.

Have Mercy: A Loveswept Contemporary Erotic Romance

Have Mercy: A Loveswept Contemporary Erotic Romance - Shelley Ann Clark I found the heroine in this story quite weak and annoying. The hero had redeeming qualities but I couldn't connect with the lead characters.

Basically this story wasn't my cup-of-tea.

Upside Down

Upside Down - Lia Riley Review Posted at The USA Today Happy Ever After Blog

Bound to Danger: A Deadly Ops Novel

Bound to Danger: A Deadly Ops Novel - Katie Reus Review Posted at The USA Today Happy Ever After Blog

You Own Me

You Own Me - Shiloh Walker Really enjoyed this one. Hero is a convict but Shiloh Walker redeems him in spectacular fashion. The heroine has low self esteem for many reasons but she proves to be made of tough stuff and surprised me in many ways.

Review Posted at The USA Today Happy Ever After Blog


Play - Kylie Scott Emotional, sexy, hilarious, hot rock star what's not to like? Thoroughly enjoyed this one and am loving the Stage Dive series. :)


Harder - Robin York Beautifully written amazing read.

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