In His Cuffs

In His Cuffs - Sierra Cartwright I have to admit, I'm not a fan of romances with a hero who is an abusive, arrogant sadist that gets his rocks off by beating the shit out of a masochistic heroine who enjoys the pain and humiliation. I'm no prude and am cool with bondage, some kink and graphic sexuality in an erotic novel, however I found the intimacy in this story almost clinical in nature with very little passion. That being said the sexuality is certainly brutally graphic. This guy beats her with a tawse (amongst other toys) and enjoys her agony.

I didn't hang around for the trip to his basement dungeon. I'm sure they had a great time there.

The icing on the cake was the male protagonist is her boss.

I do respect those who like BDSM themed novels that embrace sadism and masochism, you're stronger folks than I am.