Chosen By Sin

Chosen By Sin - Virna DePaul Werebeast with a major–chip–on–his–shoulder Dex Hunt was surprised to find himself bonding with Para-Ops team members after agreeing to FBI Director Kyle Mahone’s offer of joining the clandestine group of Otherborn operatives. But Hunt’s allegiance came with a price and Mahone agreed to pay it.

Dex’s grandfather took him away from his mother when he was a young child and abandoned him to an orphanage where Dex was starved and abused. Dex believes it was because he is a half-breed and the old werewolf leader rejected his grandson out of bigotry and shame. To add insult to injury, Dex’s mother died not long after her son was taken from her and he therefore blames his grandfather for a litany of sins. The motivating goal in Dex’s life is to find his grandfather, Bodin of Hammersham and kill him. Mahone agreed to make sure the FBI looks the other way when Dex accomplishes his plan of vengeance. Bodin’s rationale for sending his grandson away was actually altruistic as he believed he was protecting Dex from an unfortunate fate related to an ancient werewolf legend.

Vampire Dr. Jesmina Martin has her own life goal and it directly relates to certain unsuspecting werebeast and an ancient, obscure werewolf legend. Bodin also played a pivotal role in the course of Jes’s life as he rescued her when her parents were killed and placed her in the care of the Draci, a race of dragon shifters. Jes, an immortal vampire has grown up with a race of beings who while powerful, have an accelerated and short lifespan. They are actually quite fragile beings. Jes has bonded with the Draci, loves them as her family and has made it her life’s pursuit to find a way to increase their lifespan. And she thinks Dex Hunt’s unique biology may hold the key.

Virna DePaul crafts another fast-paced multilayered paranormal romantic suspense in her latest offering in the Para-Ops series. The team is fractured, Caleb has taken Wraith to safety and Knox is hold up in the Vamp Dom, protecting his human wife Felicia (also a Para-Ops team member). Which leaves only Dex and Mage / Feline shifter Lucy active. When a threat surfaces involving the dangerous and misunderstood race of Otherborn shapeshifters living in Europe, who seem to be exterminating one another Dex is sent to France to establish a line of communication and try to ferret out the threat. Jes makes her home in France.

DePaul created instant chemistry between Dex and Jes when they met during a previous Para-Ops mission. She manipulates Dex into meeting her again and while it isn’t part of her plan they spend the night together. When again meet in France, Dex and Jes are drawn together by an electric attraction that neither can (or wants to) ignore and enter into a steamy, complicated relationship. There is a sense of destiny about their union. Jes has kept secrets from Dex and initially manipulated him. Further, Jes learns she is pregnant and there are complications, she needs a reluctant, shell shocked Dex to stay with her for biological as well as emotional reasons. To say their relationship is conflict ridden would be an understatement.

Chosen By Sin offers readers numerous surprises. DePaul continues to advance the story arc involving Knox’s brother Zeph and the nefarious Quorum. I loved that Lucy shows her mettle in a surprising scene with Mahone, a guy who I love to hate. As for Felicia and Knox? Well, while their bond is as strong as ever, but lets just say the natives are getting restless. Introducing the intriguing Draci who are unique among the dragon shifters I’ve read in paranormal romance opens a new avenue for DePaul to explore in her expanding Para-Ops world.

The sarcastic in-your-face Dex Hunt is a favorite hero in DePaul’s Para-Ops series and she didn’t disappoint in giving him a memorable story and well deserved HEA. I’d love to read Lucy’s story and see more of the Draci whose shifts are amazingly creative.

If you enjoy a hot dark paranormal romantic suspense with endearing characters entwined in a complex, fascinating world, enhanced by vivid descriptions Chosen By Sin is worth the read. I do think it’s important to read the books in order as the author has done considerable world-building over the course of the series.

4.5/5 stars

Review originally posted at Book Lovers Inc.