One Wicked Night

One Wicked Night - Kelly Jamieson Weddings, while joyous are also stressful events and Avery Wirth’s is particularly so as she and her fiancé live in Los Angeles, her wedding will take place in small town Mapleglen, Illinois, where she grew up. Avery wants a small wedding and knew that if left to her mother, Margo the event would become huge and ostentatious. So Avery enlisted the help of her best friend Kaelin Daume, who lives in Mapleglen, to keep Margo under control and make sure the wedding is kept to her specifications. Kaelin has always done the right thing, she is considered a “good and sweet” girl who volunteers at the church, visits the local seniors home with her little dog Taz, she is the first to step in and help when needed. The Wirth’s are financially well off, Avery’s father is a physician and they are very concerned about appearances in their upper class, conservative cloister. Kaelin has had her hands full dealing with Margo but managed to keep control and implement Avery’s wishes.

The Wirth family have numerous skeletons rattling around in a closet full of dark secrets surrounding their estranged son Tyler who hasn’t been home or seen his family in 10 years. Avery begged Tyler to come to her wedding and invited his best friend and business partner Nick as well. Mother and father Wirth don’t much care for Nick either. Tyler is a talented, successful marketing entrepreneur who has his own company and Nick is an accountant, the numbers man. They live together in Chicago and share an intimate as well as professional relationship. Growing up, Tyler was known as the town bad boy always getting into trouble and disappointing his conservative parents. The event that resulted in his alienation from his family involved Nick and another girl. In addition, while no one else knows except the involved parties, sweet, innocent Kaelin Daume witnessed the tryst.

Tyler and Nick’s return to Mapleglen opens a well of pain for Kaelin. While she projects an image of a paragon of virtue who everyone can depend on, Kaelin harbors secret needs and wants. She gave up her dreams to look after her ailing father when her mother died. She has never had a fulfilling sexual relationship. And, she is sick to the teeth of being referred to as a good girl (I would be too). Kaelin keeps a tight lid on her emotions and stays in Mapleglen working as a paralegal for an ultraconservative law firm because she is afraid to leave. The scene Kaelin witnessed between Tyler, Nick and the other girl was erotic and incendiary but also painful as Kaelin had deep feelings for Tyler. She has replayed that night over and over in her mind over the years and now must face him and Nick again.

Author Kelly Jamieson crafts an emotional story introducing readers to three characters who want and need each other but are separated by years of pain and guilt. Tyler is a difficult, angry man who has alienated himself from his parents because he feels he will never live up to their expectations. He has crafted a life for himself in Chicago with Nick at his side but has never reconciled his family issues or his deep feelings for Kaelin. Jamieson binds Tyler, Kaelin and Nick together in an unexpected wild night of passion which ultimately releases a tidal wave of feelings, misconceptions and dark secrets.

And, there is Margo Wirth, an unhappy woman at the crossroads of her life, who deeply regrets the loss of a relationship with her son. She has high hopes for her family’s reunion at Avery’s wedding.

While One Wicked Night is a hot erotic ménage à trois romance, it also tells the story of a small town family torn apart by secrets, and a boy who felt unloved, living in the shadow of a sister who could do no wrong. Tyler isn’t always easy to like but the author proves him to be misunderstood, and tormented. Kaelin is a woman who has repressed her sexuality (she discovers she quite likes kink) and sacrificed her happiness to be what everyone expects of her. It isn’t an easy path for Tyler, Kaelin and Nick but it makes the story’s conclusion all the more sweet.

I’ve gotten pretty picky regarding ménage themed erotic romance in my reading, but I really liked Kelly Jamieson’s voice and look forward to reading more of her work. This story worked for me.