Rocky Mountain Heat

Rocky Mountain Heat - Vivian Arend Vivian Arend’s Six Pack Ranch series chronicles the Coleman family, a tight knit clan of rural Alberta ranchers who have farmed the land for generations. Mike and Marion Colman are salt of the earth folks who have raised 6 strapping sons. This is a family with deep roots in their community and the land which Ms. Arend’s vivid descriptions bring to life. Rocky Mountain Heat is eldest son Blake’s story but the author also provides an excellent introduction to the entire clan, specifically six brothers who, as with any family, each have their strengths and weaknesses.

When Marion is in an accident and suffers an injury that will lay the family’s matriarch up for a while, Mike enlists the assistance of Jaxi, the story’s feisty, strong-minded, very determined heroine. Jaxi is an only child who grew up next door to the Coleman ranch and the boys began to notice when their scrawny country-girl friend blossomed into a beautiful young woman. As a teenager Jaxi dated Travis Coleman for a time but she loved Blake from the time she was a child. Jaxi is now 21, and while many of her friends have abandoned small town life for the city, she thrives in the country and loves ranching. Ms. Arend paints a realistic portrait of what life running a ranch is like. It’s hard labour, everyone pitches in to do their part to keep the business flourishing. Jaxi wants this life, it’s in her bones and Blake Coleman has her heart. So, she goes after what she wants.

Blake has certainly noticed that Jaxi is no longer the little girl he watched after while growing up. He wants her badly but there are a number of barriers in the way of pursuing his desire. First: Age. Blake feels he is too old for Jaxi as he is 10 years her senior. Second: Her previous involvement with Travis. Third: He feels she sees him as a big brother and would be appalled if he makes a move. Fourth: His younger twin brothers Jesse and Joel who are close in age to Jaxi and are also interested more then friendship. Then Jaxi moves into the Coleman house to help care for Marian and take over her chores. Blake now has to cope with Jaxi being close day and night, and she makes no bones about the fact she wants him. It makes for great sport.

Rocky Mountain Heat offers readers major sexual chemistry and tension. When Jaxi and Blake finally do become intimate the love scenes are sexually explicit. Blake is a dominate lover and if you like a virgin trope in your romance this story will please.

What I really enjoyed about this novella is the sense of family and community embedded into the storyline. As well, the character development of all six of the brothers. Each has personal issues related to the women in their lives (or lack there of) and I was impressed by how the author took time to give readers good insight into each of their personalities.

At it’s heart I think Rocky Mountain Heat can best be described as a sweet, sexy story that explores the evolution of a relationship from a childhood crush to a deep lasting love. Blake is a tough sell but he meets his match in Jaxi, a woman who pulls out all the stops to win her man. The nice thing is Blake discovers that “Slick” is the best thing that ever happened to him. I’m looking forward to reading Rocky Mountain Haven, Book II in the Six Pack Ranch series, which is Daniel Coleman’s story.

3.5/5 stars

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