Shadowed Soul

Shadowed Soul - Stacey Kennedy Ellie decides she needs a hot night of passion to help her finally get over a bad break-up with her cheating ex-boyfriend and enlists the services of Madame Eve, matchmaker extraordinaire from 1Night Stand internet dating service. So with plans in place, she and her best friend Kenna get all sexed up, and head to the popular nightclub Nocturnal so that Ellie can rendezvous with her date. And what a date he is! The tall, dark and seductive vampire Bryce chooses his companions carefully. After centuries of existence Bryce looks for more in his human consorts then a night of hot sex, while he certainly plans on bedding the lovely Ellie, he also wants to give her something special and lasting. Bryce can feel her shadowed soul, her sadness and heartache and plans to help her see that she is a desirable special woman.

Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand series of erotic short stories are about exactly that, a one night stand orchestrated by the illustrious Madame Eve. Shadowed Soul is smoking hot, as have the ice water and fan close by if you plan to read this one because the erotic scenes will curl your toes. Ms. Kennedy has also crafted a sweet love story about an age old vampire who bears old wounds thanks to the rejection of a former love and doesn’t believe he will ever find a human woman who will look upon him without fear once she finds out what he is. Ellie’s self esteem and confidence has taken a beating and Bryce pushes her boundaries with regard to intimacy but is compassionate and shows her that she is a desirable woman.

I enjoyed this quick, very sexy read. Ms. Kennedy’s character development was excellent and the plot moved at a quick pace solely focusing on Bryce and Ellie’s relationship. The author did not clutter this story with secondary story-lines but gave enough background to allow me to know the characters. I kept turning the pages to find out if their relationship would end following their one night stand. One night together is after all what they both expect. The question is can a single night of passion lead to a happily ever after? Or will Bryce and Ellie part ways after their tryst? ;)

3.5/5 stars