Dark is the Night

Dark is the Night - Brindle Chase Dark is the Night opens with a graphic depiction of a vampire stalking his prey, then feeding and killing a young woman. Brindle Chase writes in the first person POV and therefore readers are given an up close and personal view of the vampire’s predatory nature and lack of remorse in killing human beings in order to sustain himself. It isn’t a pretty picture, these blood suckers completely drain their victims then decapitate and burn the bodies to prevent rebirth which would result in a deluge of their kind and the demise of humanity - their sustenance. The predacious habits chronicled at the opening of the novel are that of the age old Alexander who I would describe as the antihero of the story. I have to comment that he also viciously kills the woman's boyfriend. As well, I think it's pertinent to note that all this happens by page 9.

Katherine “Kat” Wells is a tough, no nonsense homicide detective who has proved herself extremely capable in solving the cases she is assigned. She has a spotless record, is honorable, essentially living for her job deriving great satisfaction out of finding the murderer and seeking justice for the victim's loved ones. She makes her home in a small apartment close to work and has no time for romance. Katherine’s previous relationships have been purely sexual in nature, she “scratches an itch” and moves on.

Katherine meets the 1000 year old Alexander in a bar where she is following-up on a lead regarding the very double murder he committed. There is immediate sexual chemistry between them but Alexander doesn’t act on the attraction. In fact, he leaves her befuddled and wanting and then follows her back to her apartment, lurking outside the window playing voyeur while she um, relieves her sexual tension. During the weeks that follow that initial meeting, their rather strange relationship progresses in a sort of tit for tat sexual game until they finally become heavily involved. This book is loaded with explicit sexuality mainly described from Katherine’s POV.

I thought Mr. Chase did handle the first person narrative in a unique way in that it was told from both Alexander and Katherine’s perspective and it worked quite well. Alexander's old world speech and mannerisms suited his persona. There is also sarcastic witty dialogue and introspective thoughts which was a welcome relief given the very dark tone of this story. The author also provided a couple of interesting plot twists.

I did have a major niggle with the hero and heroine's characterization in Dark is the Night. As I mentioned, initially Katherine presents as committed police detective, determined to patch the pieces of evidence together and ferret out the murderer who has been dubbed the Antoinette serial killer (Alexander). She struck me as a detective with integrity. However, things get really muddy after Katherine takes the bloodthirsty vampire as her lover in that she tampers with evidence and assists him with a cover-up following the gruesome torture and murder of two men who merely thought about hurting Katherine. Yes, among his many powers Alexander can mind read. All I can say is, never piss off an extraordinarily powerful 1000 year old vampire! O.O The other thing that was tough to take was they return to her apartment and she engages in sexual foreplay with the vampire who just mangled two human beings who screamed for mercy during a blood bath. I got that Katherine was besotted with Alexander, they were soul mates or whatever, but sacrifice every ounce of decency she possessed for this creature? I’m pretty thick skinned when it comes to the dark and demonic and read my fair share of erotic paranormal romance but I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Alexander’s victims and Katherine becoming his willing accomplice just didn’t sit right.

As for Alexander? I had tremendous difficulty reconciling that the vamps prey on young people with full productive lives ahead of them. I like an Alpha hero who makes mistakes and don’t mind if he is initially angry, dark and tortured, but he has to be redeemable. In my eyes, there was no redemption for Alexander, yes he was hot to look at and a sexual stallion, but the whole cold blooded killer thing? So. Not. Appealing.

The character I really liked in Dark is the Night was Katherine’s handsome partner Greg. The dude was totally hot, polite and a charmer, a good friend to the heroine....hero material in my book. (He would have to be written without the wife and kids but hey, it’s fiction right? lol)

I did finish reading Dark is the Night, and felt Mr. Chase’s vampires were well characterized and would suit the horror/urban fantasy genre as antagonists. Alexander just didn’t work for me as the hero of an erotic paranormal romance with a heroine who lost all of her former honor and integrity by the end of the story. The author did write an HEA for Alexander and Katherine. But-Be afraid...Very afraid.. *gulp*

2.5/5 stars