Bound by Law

Bound by Law - S.E. Jakes It has been ten years since the love of Law Connor’s life left him and during the entire decade he has not committed himself to another lover. No one has enticed or loved him the way the strong enigmatic Styx did. Then he meets Police Detective Paulo McMannus and try as he might Law has been unable to forget him. So, after 3 months of denying his feelings Law turns up at Paulo’s door uninvited and unannounced, and he allows Law back into his life. Paulo has been waiting and hoping that Law will want him enough to return.

Just as Law and Paulo are reacquainted, CIA spook and Law’s ex-lover Styx crashes into their lives bringing a semi-truck load of danger. All three of these men have pasts laced with emotional trauma and heartache caused by their biological families. Styx has no memory of his life prior adolescence. During his intensive CIA training various methods were attempted to allow him to remember his youth but the memories remain elusive. Now, a violent insidious threat has come back to haunt him and it threatens to take the one man he loves in the world, Law, and Paulo is involved purely by association. Styx is now forced to deal with the hurt he caused Law when he abruptly left as well as Law's handsome, beautifully tattooed, virile new lover.

There are a number of tense action scenes in this story and Paulo proves to be an extremely intelligent, focused professional policeman. The only reason I’m mentioning this is because Law is ex-military, special ops Delta Force to be exact, and Styx as a highly trained CIA field agent is “like Delta Force on Steroids”. However, Paulo shines through regarding his bravery and ability to make significant sacrifices to protect not just one but two men for whom he cares deeply.

Law and Paulo are forced to flee their homes and go into hiding with Styx to allude a powerful, elusive assassin who has a network of associates. It is winter and as the men hold up in an isolated cabin in the middle of a storm a close bond grows while they embark on an emotional and sexual journey each helping the other to confront their demons. Bound by Law is a sexually explicit ménage à trois novel. There are scenes of bondage, graphic m/m & m/m/m sexuality and submission which I found appropriate given these men are all tough alpha males. Each of these men has endured horrible suffering during their lives and their stories touched me deeply. Significant page time given to the building of the relationship and trust between Paulo, Law and Styx, and I felt their rough intimate encounters were fitting given their backgrounds and personalities.

SE Jakes introduces CIA operative Tomcat, Styx’s partner who helps to orchestrate a sting operation and ferret out the bad guy. He also offers outside Intel and protection. I really liked Tomcat and hope we see more of him in the next novel in the series Ties that Bind. Readers are also given a glimpse into how Damon and Tanner are fairing, the heroes of Book I, Bound by Honor.

At it’s heart, Bound by Law is a dramatic lovers reacquainted story, but I would also describe it as an emotional cabin romance with an intense suspense subplot. IMHO the title is perfect because Law is the catalyst that binds the three men together. If you are interested in reading this story I would suggest you read the Men of Honor books in order because the plot of this story does follow and build on the first book in the series.