Killer Secrets

Killer Secrets - Katie Reus Investigative journalist Eve Newman follows an anonymous e-mail requesting a meeting the District Attorney’s mansion for a good story. Eve is a gutsy and savvy reporter and is relentless with respect to following leads and reporting the truth. However, when she hears gunfire as she is approaching the area arranged for the rendezvous and discovers Allan Martin, a man known for walking on the shady side of the law dead on the deck of mansion’s pool. Eve finds herself fleeing for her life, the target of the man’s assailants.

Eve eludes the bad guys and turns to the one man who she knows will help and protect her, Mac Quinn. Eve and Mac have known each other for many years as she was his best friend’s kid sister. Mac has always been attracted to Eve but never actively pursued her out of respect for his friend. Katie Reus has created another strong, tough, intelligent and enticing character in this ex-military hero. Mac owns a ranch outside of town and when Eve turns up at his door frightened and in need of protection he cannot turn her away. Eve has a visceral distrust of the town’s law enforcement for good reason and she flatly refuses to go to the police.

Killer Secrets is a fast paced, thrilling romantic suspense that is full of action scenes including a car chase, explosion, gun fire, kidnapping and murder as well as plenty of sexual tension. As it turns out Eve wants Mac as much as he wants her and as the danger moves closer, and near death experiences increase so does their need for each other. When they finally do get together it makes for a very intense sensual love scene.

Ms. Reus penned a couple of excellent plot twists and mystery into the narrative and while I suspected who the murderer was I couldn't be sure and it isn’t revealed until the end of the story why Allen Martin was killed. I will say, the antagonist of Killer Secrets is devious, not to mention depraved, and the climax of the story is a real nail bitter. Killer Secrets has all the ingredients I love in a good romantic suspense, excellent character development, a well plotted exciting storyline, and it offers an endearing friends to lovers romance.