Silent Storm

Silent Storm - Vivian Arend In the third story and final story of her Pacific Passions series, Vivian Arend continues to enhance Shaman Matt Jentry's and Lauren Marshall's world of oceanic and air shifters. Lauren and Matt's relationship has flourished during the time they have sailed the Pacific rim aboard the Stormchild. Matt is absolutely besotted with Lauren and wants to make a life with her. However Lauren is unsettled, having difficulty reconciling her heritage as an avian shifter and his as being one of the people of the sea. Both these characters have inherent magics which strengthens and deepens their bond when they make love.

After a time, Lauren shares her concerns and fears with Matt and to support her and hopefully help fulfill her sense of duty to the people of the air they make plans to return to her clan in the mountains. There she will not only reunite with her family but seek council with her grandfather, one of the clan elders. Lauren is very torn between her deep connection and love for Matt and a sense of responsibility to her people.

Then Kallen, an eagle shifter unexpectedly arrives on the Stormchild. Lauren knew, respected and desired Kallen before fleeing her clan and meeting Matt. The air shifter is under a complex disabling curse, which he knows only Matt and Lauren can cure through an intimate union. Kallen’s presence and Lauren’s obvious affection for him results in emotions Matt has never had to deal with before, jealously, fear of losing his lover, being lonely again, and, anger. In an attempt to regain his equilibrium Matt leaves Lauren and the Stormchild, and returns to the sea as one of it’s creatures.

Matt and Lauren are forced to work through significant personal conflict in Silent Storm, and what I really liked about this story is that they both return to their natural habitats to bond with the elements and resolve their internal struggles. In the background is Kallen, a shifter who is destined to be leader of his people but because of betrayal at the hands of one close to him may have a very uncertain future, unless Matt and Lauren can embrace him.

Silent Storm is a story rife with sexual tension and conflict, and I feel it was aptly titled because each of the characters deal with their own “silent storm”. Pay heed to the Samhain warning, this one is a smoker of a ménage with many graphically descriptive erotic scenes. That being said, I did not find the eroticism depicted in the narrative distasteful in the least. In fact I thought the intimacy was quite fitting given the character's passion and connection to nature. I thoroughly enjoyed Silent Storm and the Pacific Passion series. If you are interested in reading Silent Storm I would highly recommend you read the series in order, Stormchild is the first story followed by Stormy Seduction.