Seeing You

Seeing You - Dakota Flint “Seeing You” is written in the first person from Dylan’s perspective and the story begins a year following the sudden and devastating loss of his brother Simon in a motor vehicle accident. At it’s core, “Seeing You” has a friends to lovers theme, however the relationship between main characters Dylan and Wade is a complex one because of two deep emotions, grief and guilt.

As described in the synopsis, Dylan returns to the Lazy G ranch in Montana in response to a fire call from his sister Erin. After Simon was killed Dylan ran and ended up drifting, his plan had been to start a new life, leaving behind his grief, and, his guilt. Simon and Wade were lovers and lived together on the Lazy G running a lucrative cattle ranch. Dylan lived and worked there along with other ranch hands needed to run a cattle ranch. The underlying issue for Dylan is that he has secretly loved Wade since he first met him. Dylan feels horrendous guilt because of these feelings, but he also thinks Wade wishes it was him instead of Simon who was killed.

After Simon’s death and Dylan’s departure, Wade sinks into the depths of despair and depression. He not only lost his lover when Simon died, he also lost his friend, Dylan. He allows the ranch to fall into a state of disrepair, the livestock eventually has to be sold off to pay the bills.

The ranch Dylan knew unfortunately is not the one he returns to and he sees very soon after his arrival that he has to turn things around quickly or Wade is going to lose his home. So he takes matters in hand and works extremely hard to get the Lazy G up and running.

At first Wade is completely withdrawn and shuns Dylan’s attempts to communicate with him. Ms. Flint showed tremendous insight into a man suffering a grief reaction, the withdrawal, the pain, the anger. In an emotional scene after Wade lashes out at Dylan, he gradually emerges from the dark place he has been residing since Simon’s death. Wade is an artist and it is through this medium that he eventually communicates with Dylan, relaying his feelings. It is quite powerful.

Ms. Flint also developed strong supporting characters in Mack, the Lazy G’s long time ranch hand and close friend of the men, and Erin, Dylan’s feisty, outspoken sister. I enjoyed Ms. Flint’s humor, this is an emotional story but there is a dry sarcastic wit woven into the narrative that had me chuckling.

“I found Wade mucking stalls, not surprised that most of the meaningful conversations in my life have taken place around horse shit.”

Seeing You © Dakota Flint

If you enjoy an emotional friends to lovers m/m romance that also tells the story of the life journey following the loss of a loved one, you may like to give “Seeing You”, a try. I’m looking forward to reading more of Dakota Flint’s work.