Too Hot to Hold

Too Hot to Hold - Stephanie Tyler When I finished reading "Hard To Hold", the first book in Stephanie Tyler's "Hard To Hold" trilogy, I e-mailed her and commented that "Nick Devane" seemed to be a very mysterious and conflicted character. Stephanie responded, "yes, his history is complicated". I'll say! However, Nick's complex, "secret" history is what makes his character so enticing and intriguing. Nick, is a tough, totally Alpha highly decorated Navy SEAL, but he is also emotionally vulnerable because of a history of childhood neglect and essentially indifference at the hands of his biological high profile family. As mentioned in my review of "Hard To Hold", Nick was adopted by the Waldron's at the age of 14, this aspect of his life is fleshed out in "Too Hot To Hold". I won't say too much more, because it will spoil the story, but from my perspective Stephanie Tyler created an absolutely fascinating character in Nick Devane, why? He thrives on danger, speed (he drives a hot black Porsche) and sex with fast women. Nick functions optimally when on a mission, working with his team, he is focused and lethal, intent on completing their assignment.

Kaylee Smith was abandoned by her mother at a young age and raised by a grandmother who disapproved of her. She therefore, battles her own emotional demons but is also tough, street wise and like a dog with a bone when it comes to her job as an investigative reporter. Kaylee writes under a pseudonym and is well known for her tough "no holds barred" journalism. Kaylee believed her ex-husband "Aaron", a military man was killed in action until she receives a mysterious phone call from him requesting her assistance. Aaron pleads with her to come to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with ransom money. Aaron left Kaylee a mysterious list of names of men along with a bank book in a safety deposit box -- the list leads her to Nick.

A major event in Nick's life results in a chain reaction of events. His past comes back to haunt him and despite his covert status with the military, Kaylee Smith finds him and requests his help, and the FBI wants to talk to him.... But about what??

Meanwhile, Chris Waldron, Nick's adopted sibling and teammate hurries home following completion of a mission when he discovers Nick's past is about to catch up with him. Stephanie Tyler develops Chris's character significantly in this book and lays the groundwork for his story to be published later this month. Chris covers for his brother when female FBI agent "Jamie" comes sniffing around the guys house. Chris is a Cajun and has psychic abilities, he drips charisma, charm, and, like his brothers, is dangerous and lethal.

Nick eventually agrees to help Kaylee which requires them to travel to the dangerous and treacherous DRC to help Aaron. Little do they know, they are being manipulated. The plot of this story is fasted paced and thrilling and I think Ms. Tyler incorporates an interesting paradox into the hot, intense romance that develops between Nick and Kaylee. Readers are also treated to a resolution of "Sarah" and "Clutch's" story as part what are intersecting subplots in this story. The climax of "Too Hot To Hold", is IMHO emotional, suspenseful and edge of seat exciting.

Ms. Tyler gives enough background information that I think a reader could enjoy "To Hot Too Hold" without reading "Hard To Hold", first. However, I think it would be far better, to read the "Hard To Hold" trilogy in sequence if you would like to give the series a try.

Heat Level: Hot (no pun intended) Danger and sex make great bedfellows IMHO! lol

My Rating: ~Keeper~