Taken - Anya Bast “Taken” is described as a paranormal romance with a ménage a trios theme. However, I would say it is could well be considered as sci-fi / fantasy.

Caleb and Van, two handsome men from the planet Harmon, rescue Anne an earth woman when she is being pursued by one of their enemies. Anne initially believes she has been kidnapped by two “bat shit” crazy hotties when they tell her they are from another planet and she is their soul mate. Harmon has been at war for centuries and the women of the planet who can bear female children are being identified and exterminated by their enemies, resulting in a systematic annihilation of their people.

Earth women such as Anne capable of bearing female children are identified as mates for Harmon men who then go through a portal that joins the two realities to find them. Anne is a lawyer and a very intelligent, independent woman. Needless to say she is less than incline to become a brood mare for these two guys who think they are aliens and determined to woo her.

What I really loved about this short story is that Caleb and Van slowly build a bond of trust and love with Anne. The sexual tension built to the boiling point between these characters before they consummate their relationship.

I also found Ms. Bast’s descriptive prose very good, I could visualize Harmon as a beautiful place that was similar to earth in some ways but very different in others.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Ms. Bast’s stories.