Siren's Call: A Dark Tides Novel

Siren's Call: A Dark Tides Novel - Devyn Quinn Temperamental lighthouse keeper Tessa Lonike stayed in the family home on the Island of Little Mer even after her sisters Gwen and Addison left and settled on the mainland. The main house has fallen into a state of disrepair and she is struggling to make ends meet. Tessa and her sisters have a secret that they hold very close because of fear of what would happen should the outside world discover they are mermaids.

As Kenneth Randall stands on the ocean shoreline he can see Tessa’s lighthouse tower light twinkling in the distance. Kenneth is a man without hope. After suffering a tragic loss, he no longer can see the value in life. He therefore enters the cold stormy sea determined to end his existence. Tessa sees the stranger enter the water and isn’t about to allow him to commit suicide and uses her extraordinary abilities to save him.

Once Kenneth heals physically and emotionally from his ordeal, he returns to Little Mer Island to try and piece together what happened that night and, as well, he is drawn there by a very hazy dream that is Tessa. She is less than happy to see him disembark from the supply boat but is forced to allow Kenneth to stay when she learns that her sister Gwen has hired him to do much needed handyman repairs on her house. Gwen virtually blackmails her reclusive sister to allow him to stay and help.

Tessa and Kenneth’s relationship therefore starts off on a rather adversarial footing at least on her part. However, when he proves to be a hard and able worker she quickly warms up to him. Then he catches her in her fish form and puts two and two together with respect to the identity of his rescuer. Kenneth dearly wants a relationship with Tessa, but after being betrayed and hurt by her previous fiance she is much more cautious. I really liked Kenneth, he is calm, patient with Tessa, and while he has made mistakes and suffered great loss I felt he came through it all a better person. Basically, I found him to be the perfect hero for the heroine of this story.

Siren’s Call”, represents a change for Devyn Quinn in that while this is a paranormal romance you will not find the hot erotic, sexually explicit love scenes as in her previous novels. The love scenes are sensual, there is plenty of sexual chemistry between Kenneth and Tessa.

The mermaids of Ms. Quinn’s stories are warm blooded even when they shift. They are covered in a type of tribal swirling tattooing that indicates their heritage. They shift when entering the water only but many are assimilating with humans because they are just as comfortable on land. In other words, they don’t have to be near water or “shift” regularly to survive. In fact, Tessa’s two sisters live and for the most part thrive amongst humans while working on the mainland.

Trouble arrives in the form of Jake Massey, an archeologist, and Tessa’s former fiance who claims to have information leading to the lost world of Ishaldi, the origin of all mermaids. Tessa has longed to find her roots and when Kenneth offers to finance an expedition to search for the lost underwater city in the Mediterranean she decides to accept Jake’s proposal. I’ve always felt Ms. Quinn can write antagonists you really love to hate, and I so hated Jake. He is a narcissistic, egotistical, manipulative, greedy and dangerous womanizer who would sell his own mother for an extra 20 bucks.

What Tessa, Kenneth and Jake find in the Mediterranean is astounding and lethal. I found Siren’s Call to be a faced paced, thrilling story, that was laced with dark wit and plot twists that made for a great read. Siren’s Call is the first and foundation story in Ms. Quinn’s “Dark Tide’s Series”. I’m looking forward to “Siren’s Surrender”, Gwen’s story, which is to be released February 2011.

If you enjoy a dark paranormal romance involving mermaids, and high sees adventure you may like to give “Siren’s Call” a try.