Familiar Ground

Familiar Ground - Michelle  Lynn I don't usually get prickly about the occasional grammatical error or typo in a story; however this narrative is littered with blatant mistakes. The syntax was a train wreck, and I found the prose extremely cumbersome. The multiple errors were very distracting, taking me out of the story.


I catch Adam's eyebrows raises up, and he walks around to the side of his car. With a quick wave, he's in his car and driving away.

"Oh, come one. I'll make all those worries fade away."

I open the front door, and Adam's supped up black Challenger is parked out front, but he's not leaning against it like Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles."

The plot and characters were interesting but as evidenced by the above noted examples, Familiar Ground needs an editor.

I read 50% of this novel then gave up.