Out from Under You

Out from Under You - Sophie Swift This book was painful to read. I didn't get why Grayson became engaged to a woman that makes Kate from The Taming of the Shrew seem like a saint. His lack of backbone and stupidity regarding Alex (the shrew) was extremely annoying. The cheating with Lia, the shrew's sister and the heroine of the novel was just plain weird given he laments that he always does "the right thing". Essentially I found Grayson to be a poorly drawn, seriously flawed character with no redeeming qualities. Heroine Lia also let the shrew walk all over her and was therefore equally spineless. Her pathetic "poor me" whining about Alex' beauty and success was annoying.

Bottom line: I had trouble getting interested in a storyline that lacked a logical framework and the lead characters can best be described as cardboard.