Haunted Sanctuary

Haunted Sanctuary - Moira Rogers Werewolves, a witch and ghosts, oh my!

A ragtag pack of werewolves flee Memphis after suffering significant physical and emotional trauma at the hands of a cruel, brutal pack taking over the city. Zack, their leader, takes the small pack of wounded werewolves to the small town where he grew up on a farm called Green Pines. Unfortunately the Memphis pack tracks them to the farm and a brutal battle breaks out.

Eden Green inherited Green Pines from her uncle so Jay Ancheta the police chief of the small town goes to see her to find out if she expected visitors. The farm has been empty for an extended period of time and has fallen into disrepair, visitors are not expected, the ‘commotion’ needs to be investigated. Eden insists on accompanying Jay to the farm to investigate. They discover the small-injured pack of werewolves fighting for their lives against the vicious attackers. Unknown to Eden, Jay is a werewolf and he jumps into the fray instructing Eden to remain in his vehicle. Werewolves keep their existence a secret from humans but Eden is familiar with the species because Zack is her cousin. During the height of the battle Eden is pulled from the vehicle, bitten and turned.

Jay has wanted Eden for a long time (the feeling is mutual) but avoided starting a relationship with her because she was human. Eden needs help and understanding to adjust and Jay becomes her mentor and eventually her lover. As Eden becomes acclimated to her new state it’s evident that she, like Jay is an alpha.

Zack is emotionally damaged and weakened because of his experience in Memphis, he is no condition to remain his pack’s leader. The small group of werewolves needs a place of safety and security and Jay steps in to become their de facto leader. He expects another attack from the Memphis gang for a variety of reasons so calls in friends, all strong alphas for support and deems the farm a sanctuary, a place of reverence and safety.

Haunted Sanctuary offers appealing protagonists and a compelling plot that incorporates action, emotion and humor. Eden is burdened with family secrets that she has kept locked inside since she was a child. As she embraces her newfound strength and power Eden realizes she must reveal the family skeletons to save Zack from a decent into madness. I really liked how the alphas respect and protect the beta wolves of the pack and give them the time they need to trust and heal. I loved Stella the witch who is called to Green Pines to help ward the farm against attack. Stella wields significant power but is also good fun. Jay and Eden’s relationship is a slow burn and I have to admit there were times when I wanted them to get on with it but Rogers makes up for it when they finally do the deed with an amped up sexual experience due to a special bond. Is Green Pines haunted? Well, you’ll have to read the novel to find out that one.

I’m sitting at the back of the bus, as this is the first Moira Rogers novel I’ve read despite a number of recommendations to try the authors work. Rogers kick starts the Green Pines series with excellent world building and I am excited to read the next book, Haunted Wolves. If you enjoy a good paranormal romance, you may like to give Haunted Sanctuary a try.