Primal Possession: A Moon Shifter Novel

Primal Possession: A Moon Shifter Novel - Katie Reus Katie Reus keeps up the fast-pace, action and passion in the second book of her Moon Shifters series as she continues to deftly develop and expand her world of lupine shifters. Now pack second-in-command, viral warrior shifter Liam Armstrong vigorously pursues December McIntyre, a human and sister of the town sheriff. Liam instinctively knows December is his destined mate and the need to protect and claim her is a force he cannot deny or ignore. Liam wants her and makes no bones about it.

December feels an inexorable pull to the sexy, charismatic warrior shifter but she and her brother have every reason to mistrust Liam’s kind. Therefore she has steadfastly refused to become romantically involved with him knowing it would cause a rift in whats left of her family. More conflict arises as the radical hate group, the Antiparanormal League or APL target humans sympathetic to shifters and make repeated attempts to kidnap December and her friend Kat as a means to strike against the shifter pack. December and her brother are left with no choice but to accept Liam’s intervention and protection.

Reus’ strong dominant alpha heroes always impress and entice me and they particularly stand out in her shifter stories. These guys are ancient, big, powerful with an impressive array of abilities that are shown during numerous well choreographed action and battle sequences. Further, Liam and his fellow warriors possess a magnetic, dominant sexuality that captures a reader and draws you in. This is particularly evident in the introduction of Jayce Kazan, the extraordinary, aggressively sexual enforcer for the North American Council of lupine sifters. Jayce holds a key secondary role in the story and has a romantic tempestuous history with Kat which is fleshed out in a subplot.

Alpha Instinct, series book 1 was a foundation story focusing on pack politics, building the shifter hierarchy, establishing the Armstrong’s as pack Alphas and introducing readers the evil APL antagonists. In Primal Possession we are given another hot romance but drawing on myth and imagination, new intriguing paranormal beings are introduced keeping the series fresh and interesting. I really liked how the author integrates the inherent differences between human and shifter social mores, and how Liam respects human customs over his own while getting closer to December.

When they finally took that next step, he didn’t plan to let her go. He’d mark and claim her then. He wouldn’t risk her throwing it back in his face later that this was a mistake or that she regretted it. That she’d been weak or needy or some excuse. When they took that step, he wanted it to mean something to both of them. No doubts and no barriers between them.

He placed a light kiss or her lips, then pulled the covers back and slid in next to her. “I want tonight to be only about you,” he murmured against her hair as he pulled her back against his chest.

Primal Possession © Katie Reus

There are a number of plot twists and seeming insurmountable conflict for our lovers to overcome. Liam and December must negotiate fundamental species differences as well as external conflicts. However, as December is drawn further into Liam’s world, and discovers his dominant but tender passion first hand her resistance wanes. Primal Possession is a page turning action packed rush brimming with intense primal desire.

The author gives good background to her world in Primal Possession and I think readers new to the series would have no difficulty reading it without having enjoyed Alpha Instinct. However, I think if you like this one and haven’t read book 1 you will want too. Book 3 Mating Instinct is scheduled for release in March 2013, I sure hope it’s Jayce Kazan’s story, because, wow–I can’t wait!

4.5/5 stars