Let Me In

Let Me In - Callie Croix The summer has flown by and when I looked at my NetGalley line up and saw I downloaded Let Me In, in May, I thought WHAT? I enjoyed this one so much I read it twice but somehow it got buried in my reviewing backlog. So even though it lends new meaning to the phrase “better late then never” here I am to share my thoughts about Callie Croix’ latest sexy, emotional novella.

Let Me In is handsome, charismatic Liam Brodie’s story who was introduced in No Holds Barred, an erotic romance with ménage flavor. I really liked Liam in that story and was hoping Croix would give him an HEA too. Luckily, we are introduced to the lovely Talia Barnett, close friend to Liam’s sister and a woman for whom he has long carried a torch–he has desired her for 2 years. The thing is, even though Talia is extremely attracted to sexy Liam, she has always declined his overtures to take their relationship to the next level because she has some major skeletons rattling around in the family closet.

Before she could respond to Angie, the truck door opened and her three-years-older brother Liam climbed out of the driver’s side. Talia’s mouth went dry.

Well over six feet tall, wearing faded jeans and a black leather jacket that stretched across his broad shoulders, the sight of him took her breath away. He’d done may years and tours in the Corps, and it showed in the way he carried himself. His whole bearing screamed military, that absolute air of confidence, his self-assurance in everything he did sexy as hell.

Let Me In © Callie Croix

As noted in the synopsis Talia is a marine lieutenant home on leave for Thanksgiving. Liam and his sister surprise Talia and pick her up from the airport upon her return from Kandahar and persuade her to come to dinner with their family. I really liked the close knit Brodie family who welcome Talia into their home with open arms which is the polar opposite to what she is faced with in dealing with her mother who is introduced later in the story. Lets just say, Talia has had a hard life and been served an extra large serving of turmoil and rejection. As a result she has built a protective wall around herself, that Liam has been unable to breech. Talia does not want to saddle Liam or the Brodie family with her baggage.

However, when the situation with Talia’s mother reaches a critical phase, Liam gives her no choice but to allow him to provide the help and support she desperately requires. Talia finally gives into desire and enjoys intimacy with Liam who is a dominant, tender lover. Talia and Liam have great chemistry and the love scenes are explicit and erotic. Liam muses about bondage with Talia but the story does not have BDSM scenes as suggested by the publisher’s genre description. In my mind, it is more, a battle of the wills–a strong, dominate alpha male enticing and breaking down the walls a strong but innately submissive female has built to protect her fragile heart.

Croix writes vivid, sensual descriptions and is good at showing her characters emotions. In Liam’s case, his frustration and hurt regarding Talia’s rejection of him despite her obvious desire and his best efforts to convince her he is sincere is evident. Talia, for good reason, is revealed as a vulnerable, lonely young woman, who wants to be loved by Liam and his family but terrified they will reject her when they discover the wreckage her mother continually leaves in her wake. Liam and Talia’s path to love isn’t an easy one but at the end of the day its very sweet and special.

My only niggle with this story is its length, I think Croix had a solid foundation for a full-length novel in Let Me In. I’ve read all of Callie Croix’s hot, emotional novellas and have enjoyed every one. I hope readers will treated to a full-length novel sometime in the future.