Tainted Blood

Tainted Blood - Stacey Kennedy In Tainted Blood Ms. Kennedy takes readers back to the world she created and expanded in her Magical Sword series. Sabi is a gentle, kind witch who has visions of violent future events. She doesn’t fully understand, or embraced her gift and therefore lacks the focus necessary to be able to comprehend the visions and find her place among the supernaturals of the Otherworld.

Sabi is involved with Ryker who is a Guardian meaning he is one of the protectors gifted with extraordinary strength and abilities which he utilizes to hunt and destroy supernaturals who have killed. Sabi became involved with the sexy, handsome Guardian prior the opening of Tainted Blood and they are enjoing a fiery sexual relationship which is strengthening. Ryker, however is not known as a Guardian who will commit to one woman and Sabi does not belive their relationship will endure. Sabi is a vulnerable heroine and Ryker’s strength and protective instincts compliment her insecurities with respect to her power and ability.

Sabi experiences a horrific vision revealing the violent slaughter of a number of humans at the hands of a vampire. When the event actually occurs, she and Ryker must obey orders to go to Earthworld to investigate. They are drawn into a web of intrigue and danger surrounding the creation of rogue vampires who possess speed and strength well beyond the norm. Sabi is forced to move past her fear and try to interpret her visions to assist the Guardians in finding whoever is causing the vampires to change. It is when Sabi’s life is threatened and forever altered that Ryker realizes how much she means to him, but is it too late?

Tainted Blood is a fast paced story that offers readers plenty of action involving a variety of paranormal beings, mystery and sensuality. I really like Ms. Kennedy’s voice and the imaginative storyline of Tainted Blood, while there are some bloody scenes including beheadings these are tempered with humorous dialogue and a somewhat whimsical prose. If you are a fan of Ms. Kennedy's Magical Sword series you will recognize many of the characters who play key roles in this story. Ryker is a very appealing alpha hero and I liked the way he supported Sabi in her struggle to embrace and understand her gift.

My only niggle with Tainted Blood was editing. There were numerous spelling and grammatical errors, and I found the sentence syntax at times cumbersome. That being said, I did enjoy Tainted Blood and will look forward to reading more of Ms. Kennedy’s work.