Liam's Perfect Woman

Liam's Perfect Woman - Beth Kery Liam Kavanaugh worked as undercover detective in Chicago before pulling up stakes and returning to the small lakeside community of Harbor Town, Michigan. Liam accepted the position as Harbor Town’s Police Chief and buys the Myerson cottage situated on a lovely piece of beachfront property. The house needs considerable work but Liam is content to renovate his carpenter’s dream over time and enjoy a quieter existence in the small town. Then he meets Natalie Reyes and his life takes an unexpected turn.

Natalie Reyes was 11 years old when severely injured in the car crash that forever changed the lives of 3 families. At 27 years old she is wise beyond her years but quite reclusive. Natalie suffered facial lacerations along with other painful injuries which required multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation. One of her eyes is light sensitive and a scar on the side of her face has caused her considerable insecurity. Moreover, when other young people were out learning to socialize Natalie was hospitalized and never allowed the opportunity to enjoy her youth the way others her age did. Her social skills therefore suffered and Natalie is vary wary of how others view her, the loan survivor of the infamous crash. Natalie is a gifted dancer and in the dark quite of the Harbor Town beach she enjoys the freedom of her dance.

Liam sees the delicate beauty dancing on the beach one night and is immediately drawn to her. Later meets with Natalie Reyes in her office as she wants to hire him to investigate the car crash caused by Derry Kavanaugh (Liam’s father). She is convinced that there was a catalyst that precipitated Derry to become so intoxicated and drive recklessly. After 15 years of suffering Natalie needs closure.

Once Liam overcomes initial suspicion as to Natalie’s reasons for involving him in her quest, he agrees to help her. Then, as he spends more time with Natalie, he discovers an intelligent complex, woman who through no fault of her own was robbed of her childhood.

“He’d give anything to comprehend what was going on in that brain of hers. On second she was acting like a skittish colt and the next she was saying something deadpan in that low, sexy voice of hers, reminding him for all the world of a sophisticated Bacall baiting Bogie.

She was a puzzle, and the detective in him needed to figure her out.”

Liam’s Perfect Woman © Beth Kery

Liam is athletic, extremely handsome and sexually experienced. With his gentle nurturing Natalie’s sensuality blossoms for the first time in her life. Natalie is a virgin, and with Liam, she is finally able relax, gain confidence and enjoy intense intimacy. Ms. Kery has created a beautiful picturesque community in Harbor Town and her lovely descriptive prose made this love story more special.

Ms. Kery continues to develop characters introduced in the first novel of the series The Hometown Hero Returns. Namely Eric Reyes, a handsome, gifted Orthopedic Surgeon, and Natalie’s older overprotective brother. Eric is less than pleased about her relationship with Liam. Brigit Kavanaugh, Liam’s bitter and guarded mother who tries to interfere with his relationship with Natalie. And, Colleen, Liam’s lovely, headstrong sister.

The families affected by the accident have a history that is littered with ugliness born of tragedy and there are also deep and startling secrets that have been kept deeply hidden. Liam painstakingly turns over one small pebble at a time and makes a painful discovery regarding the events that transpired during the hours before the accident. This story has startling surprises in store.

Liam’s Perfect Woman, was an and emotional, sensual read. It also tells the story of a journey of discovery for Natalie and Liam. I’m really looking forward to seeing where Ms. Kery takes the families of the Home To Harbor Town series in Book III which will be Colleen Kavanaugh and the handsome Eric Reyes story.

4.5/5 stars