Stolen Dreams

Stolen Dreams - Stacey Kennedy Much like it’s cover, I found Stolen Dreams to be a quirky fun story. It is told from the first person point of view by the novel’s eccentric, reluctant heroine Tess who is able to see and communicate with spirits who are lingering on this earth due to unfinished business that must be taken care of prior their departure. Tess is approached by Kip a spirit who was a police officer murdered while investigating a cold case. Despite Tess’s best efforts to ignore him she is drawn into an investigation of not only his murder but that of Hannah, a young woman who disappeared and the police suspect was murdered 5 years earlier. Hannah’s remains were never recovered.

Kip convinces Tess to go to the police station with him so she can communicate with the detectives he formerly worked with on his behalf. This results in a comical exchange Tess attempts to convince Kip’s previous colleagues that he is there “in spirit”. They of course think she is quite crazy, that is until Kip’s former partner and best friend Zach enters the picture and when Tess shares information with him that she could only know through communication with Kip she is able to convince Zach and their superior of her abilities.

I found Kip to be an atypical hero, he has after all been murdered prior the beginning of the story and therefore has adjustment issues related to being a ghost. Not only must he cope with this staggering loss, he begins to develop feelings for Tess which presents a whole new set of issues for both of them. However, Kip proves there are ways to work around every challenge especially when it comes to the art of seduction. The intimate scene in this novel is certainly unique and Ms. Kennedy was able to prove that even ghosts can be sexy. ;) Tess fights her attraction for Kip tooth and nail, as she believes once he has accomplished his ‘unfinished business’ his spirit will move on and find rest. There are some very touching, emotional exchanges related to the fact that their time together is likely very limited.

The murder mystery sub-plot regarding solving Hannah's cold case snakes through the main storyline. I especially liked Zach who proves to be a dedicated, seasoned and thoughtful detective who is grieving the loss of his friend and partner. It also helps that Zach is really HOT. Amongst other secondary characters Ms. Kennedy introduces Caley, Tess’s rather loopy best friend. I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to make of Caley. lol

I did have a couple of niggles with Stolen Dreams, first I had difficulty connecting with it’s hero and this wasn’t because the character development was lacking, I think it related to the fact he was a ghost. I just had trouble buying that Tess would fall for him given his, um ‘condition’. I have to preface that by saying, I fell for Zach - so that may have been part of the problem. lol My other issue was the ending of the story and again this is a purely subjective issue of what floats one person’s boat, sinks another related to HEA’s or HFN’s. Niggles aside Stolen Dreams did provide a number of laugh out loud moments thanks to Tess’s rather unique outlook regarding her abilities, and a humorous dialogue which encompassed some sarcastic comebacks which I enjoy. Overall I thought Stolen Dreams to be a fast paced story with a couple of good plot twists that concluded in an action packed stand off with the murderer.

3.5/5 stars