What She Craves

What She Craves - Anne Rainey Tory Jeffries is Summer Chase’s best friend and is introduced in “What She Wants”. As well as operating he own web design business, she helps Summer out at the B&B. “What She Craves”, is friends to lovers romance which is my favorite theme and Anne Rainey offers two for the price of one in this story because as the synopsis alludes it is a menage a trois involving Tory and her two closest male friends Devon and Con. Ms. Rainey characterizes two very strong alphas in these guys who are best friends. They both come from meagre beginnings and have worked very hard and built up lucrative businesses. They have shared women in the past and both have wanted Tory for a long time, a woman who has never seen them as anything more than good friends.

So, the guys concoct a scheme to finally woo their strong willed and independent friend into a sexual relationship. Devon invites her to Con’s yearly Christmas Eve party, Tory accepts and the plan is hatched. While Tory is quite astounded to find that both Con and Devon want her, she does succumb to their charms. “What She Craves”, is another very sensuous, sexually explicit short story, but it isn’t just hot sex. Con and Devon want a long term relationship with Tory, which sends her running scared. Despite having strong feelings for both the guys she experiences guilt about what has transpired in Con’s bedroom, and cannot foresee a relationship with both these strong alpha men working out.

I loved the sensuality of both these stories but what I also enjoyed is that Ms. Rainey develops a strong supportive friendship between Tory and Summer. They are there for each other through the good and bad times.

If you enjoy a hot erotic friends to lovers menage a trois short story, you may like to give “What She Craves”, a try. I would suggest reading these stories in order as Ms. Rainey, does develp the storyline over the course of the series. I also have to comment that if you are a fan of Ms. Rainey’s “Vaughn” series, I think you may enjoy her “Cape May” series equally.