Sin Undone

Sin Undone - Larissa Ione In the Demonica world Sin is an anomaly, she shouldn’t exist as seminus demons are all born male. However, if you read “Ecstasy Unveiled” you will know Sin and her fraternal twin Lore were born to a human mother and a seminus demon father. As half breeds the twins inherited seminus abilities from their father, but their gifts went awry. Sin’s dermoire, like Lore’s covers her entire right arm from shoulder to hand, swirling and writhing, coming to life when she uses her ‘gift’. The gift enables her to detect a disease, replicate it and infect another being be it demon or human through a lethal touch. Again, reflecting back to Lore’s story it was while Sin was an assassin in service to the creature Deth that she was assigned and killed a warg (werewolf) by infecting him with a virus. The disease has mutated and reached epidemic proportions spreading like wildfire through the warg population.

Sin is now a Master Assassin, in charge the motley crew of demon killers that belonged to Deth before his untimely demise. It is a job she took because she had no choice, she didn’t want it nor does she enjoy it. Sin has a rapier wit (think female Wraith), is cunning, and lethal in battle, she is the epitome of a ‘kick-ass heroine'. However, she also has a vulnerable, soft side that she guards, keeping it deeply hidden bricked up behind a thick wall. Like male seminus demons, as a succubus Sin requires sex to survive. She has taken what she requires from multiple partners, but has never allowed herself or been interested in bonding to a mate. Sin has lead a very difficult, violent existence and to say she has a lot of baggage would be an understatement. She has never felt she belonged in the demon or human world and felt the rejection of both species. Sin does have her brother Lore and, now her half brothers Eidolon, Shade and Wraith, but despite the fact they want to protect her and bring her into the family, she just cannot accept attachments.

Enter Con the sexy dhampire (warg/vampire) and paramedic at Underworld General readers met in Lore's book. Con’s species and culture is fully fleshed out in “Sin Undone”, his bloodline is royal within the dhampire race who have their own range where they live as a society and mate. Con however has lived apart from ‘the clan’ preferring to do his own thing and over the course of his long existence has tried many different occupations, he likes to live on the edge. Then he meets Sin, the prickly half succubus demon who tests his patience to the limit, a wildcard making her all the more enticing.

Con sits on the Warg council which has representation from the pricolici (born werewolves), varocolac (turned werewolves) and the dhampire populations. Ms. Ione has established a pecking order in the warg species, and the pricolici consider themselves to be the cream of the crop as it were. The council orders Con to bring Sin to them for execution for causing the warg epidemic. Con is therefore put in an untenable situation.

As the warg body count rises Eidolon summons Sin to Underworld General to try and use her gift to isolate a cure. Just as Eidolon makes a minor breakthrough (which involves Con and Sin) in his quest to find a treatment or vaccine for the warg plague, the Justice Dealers turn up at the hospital demanding Sin be surrendered to them for punishment for starting the epidemic. This leads to a harrowing escape from the hospital. The plot thickens as a price is put on Sin’s head by someone unknown and the majority of the underworld’s assassins are looking to collect the bounty.

It is in the background of chaos and a brewing warg war, sparked by fear of the advancing disease that Sin and Con’s love develops. Their intense and at times wild couplings at first serve a purpose but then morph into much more.

“For most dhampires -- and vampires -- feeding went hand in hand with sex, which was why he preferred to take his blood from females. Few of his kind were picky about the sex of their bed and blood mates, but Con had long ago determined that a soft, sweet female was the best fit for him.

Except there was nothing soft or sweet about Sin, and for some reason, that fact had a far more powerful effect on him. The fight, the rocked him like nothing -- and no one -- else.”

Sin Undone © Larissa Ione

Sin has never known intimacy and as their relationship intensifies, Con shows her this and moreover, he shows her compassion. Sin responds in kind, but as the bricks and mortar of her thick armor crumbles, a biological problem inherent to dhampires interferes with their relationship. While Sin and Con do have their HEA, their story is at times extremely bittersweet.

If you are among the Demonica fans waiting for a resolution to Luc’s story (the warg paramedic who was introduced early on in the series and lost his mate to violence) I don’t think you will be disappointed. Luc has isolated himself far up in the mountains away from the disease threat and through a quirk of fate finds Kar an unusual severely injured female warg who is fleeing from the Aegis. Well, all I will say is that she is not unknown to him.

At it's heart, "Sin Undone" is certainly a paranormal romance, but it also is a complex story which expands and integrates the warg species and culture into the Demonica world. Ms. Ione’s signature acerbic dark wit permeates a narrative that is rife with action, treachery, deception, battle scenes and more. It is a demonic thrill ride!

Then there is the appearance of mysterious ancient armored horsemen... Who are they? What is their purpose?

All of the heroes from the previous Demonica novels play a role or make appearances in Sin’s book and Ms. Ione ties the plotlines of her complex world together extremely well.

“Sin Undone” is Book 5 in the Demonica Series and it’s last. However, Ms. Ione has been contracted to write a spin-off series called “The Lords Of Deliverance”. The first book “Eternal Rider”, will hit the shelves March 2011.