Explosive - Beth Kery As a reader, I don’t think I could find a more apt description of Dr. Sophie Gable and Thomas Nicasio’s love story then the title of the novel. ~“Explosive”~ As a character, Thomas himself is a powder keg of whirling emotions related to something that has happened to him during a short period of time when he suffered memory loss. Sophie knows something horrible has happened to Thomas, but what? She has her suspicions and is very worried about the man who turns up on the dock of her summer retreat, obviously traumatized. She has previously only had a passing flirtatious acquaintance with Thomas, so why has he sought her out at Haven Lake? Then there is Thomas’ explosive sexual need for Sophie which Ms. Kery deftly depicts in scenes describing their passionate encounters throughout the narrative. Lastly there is a suspense subplot that involves murder and an FBI investigation into the mechanizations of the ‘Outfit’ a Chicago crime organization.

Dr. Sophie Gable is a well respected specialist who works in a group practice in the same building that houses the office of Thomas Nicasio a reputable businessperson. Thomas’ brother Rick Carlisle was seeing a psychologist who is Sophie’s friend and colleague. She would often see Thomas on Wednesday nights waiting for his brother. I think it is safe to say, that Sophie has been infatuated with Thomas but never acted on the attraction.

“Thomas liked women, and they typically liked him. He was experienced enough to know that Sophie Gable was very aware of him, as well; knew instinctively she returned his interest.

But he’d always shied away from her, wary of her clean scent, girl-next-door glow . . . an appeal like body-warmed, sex-mussed sheets on a sunny bed. He was too complicated for Sophie Gable. Too dark. He’d get her dirty; mess her up. It amazed him to know he’d actually avoided her to protect her as much as himself."

In Thomas Nicasio, Ms. Kery developed a complex, very strong, appealing alpha hero who is accustomed to being in control. He has lost two of the people closest to him on earth and is grieving this loss. In addition, the FBI is investigating his father’s involvement with the Outfit. As Thomas’ life and emotions spiral out of control he reaches out to Sophie, who responds not as a physician would to an ill patient, but to his need for her as a lover. Thomas doesn’t understand his desire to consume Sophie, he just knows it is insatiable, and making love to her is the only way he can quench the fire burning him from the inside out.

“He pressed his forehead to her temple, wanting the small contact with her while his body recovered from the raging storm. He wanted to hold her, but his heart and lungs demanded their due, paralyzing him for a moment.”

There are a number of plot twists and surprises in “Explosive”. While yes, it is an emotional, erotic love story about two people who are perfectly suited for a variety of reasons, it also offers nail biting suspense involving murder and subterfuge, as well as an action packed conclusion. I loved the main setting for "Explosive", beautiful, peaceful Haven Lake and Sophie's rustic cottage. If you enjoy an emotional, erotic romantic-suspense story, that will draw you into a web of intrigue and danger, you may like to give “Explosive”, a try.

My Rating: 5/5 stars
Heat Level: Very Hot, Sexually explicit, some light bondage and submission.