Something About You

Something About You - Julie James Julie James dedicated “Something About You” to “the jokers in the room next to me at the JW Marriot San Francisco--As you kept me awake with your antics, this is the book I wrote in my head.” I feel like I owe these individuals a debt of gratitude because this book was better than I ever expected it to be. In fact, IMHO Julie James hit one right out of the park, with ‘Cameron Lynde’ and ‘Jack Pallas’s’ story I had trouble putting “Something About You” down. Unlike Ms. James’s previous novels “Just The Sexiest Man Alive”, and “Practice Makes Perfect”, she wove a riveting suspense subplot into the narrative of this book that really kept me wondering what was going to happen next. :-)

My Thoughts:

In an attempt to rejuvenate following a 3 month high stress racketeering trial US Assistant District Attorney Cameron Lynde has treated herself and booked into a high class hotel in Chicago for an overnight stay. Unfortunately her rest and relaxation is not to be had because the couple in the next room are engaged in a very, very loud sex marathon. The opening scene of this novel is HILARIOUS and told with Ms. James’s signature sarcastic funny wit that I’ve come to know and enjoy. Just as Cameron is about to give in and call the front desk of the hotel to do something about the noise, all settles down and goes quiet, then she hears the door open and close, someone has left the room. Cameron sighs in relief and settles in for the night. However, her relief is short lived because not long after she is awoken again with and even louder racket, she assumes the couple is engaged in marathon round two. At this point she does call the hotel management and complain. When she hears the door open close to room 1308, (the room next to her’s) for the second time Cameron peeks through the peephole and sees a man leaving and opening the door across the corridor to head down the stairwell. Hotel security arrives and when they get no answer to the door of room 1308 they let themselves in, mayhem ensues.

Unfortunately a woman is found murdered in the bed, the police arrive, Cameron is questioned and sequestered in her room while the investigation is underway. Enter FBI Special Agent Jack Pallas and his partner Wilkins who have been called to the scene as the person engaged in the first round of mattress mambo is a high ranking politician.

Cameron and Jack know each other from working together previously on an investigation and plan to file innumerable charges against a Chicago crime boss and his gang. However, Cameron, was forced to let the charges drop and she had to break the news to Jack, who was beyond angry. Things were done and said resulting in his transfer to Nebraska. Jack blamed Cameron for his ‘fall from grace’, the hero and heroine of this story, therefore have a muddy history and he is less than pleased to see her again.

The dialogue in this book is wonderful, Cameron (like Julie James’s other heroines) is a weapon. She is quick, sarcastic and gives as good as she gets in and outside the courtroom. She is also kind and generous to her friends and confidants Amy and Collin whom she has known since college. I especially enjoyed Collin, a gay sportswriter, who adores Cameron and is very protective of her.

Jack Pallas is written as very strong, tough, dominate Alpha hero, with a very reserved disposition. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and he ‘glowers’ (lol) when he is displeased with something. The guy is also drop dead gorgeous and drips sex appeal like a leaky faucet. Jack’s partner ‘Wilkins’ is written to be, while brilliant, much more outgoing and social. They play “good cop”, “bad cop” extremely well.

As Cameron is the only witness to see the man presumed to be the killer leaving 1308, she is put under protective custody and ironically this forces her and Jack to work together again. As the investigation into the murder progresses, the killer, a man with sociopathic tendencies uses his ‘connections’ to find out what the FBI knows and Cameron’s life is put in grave danger.

The plot of this story is very fasted paced, has great action scenes, and involves corruption, a conspiracy, and a murderer stalking our heroine. There are plot twists and surprises that had me biting my nails. The sexual attraction and tension literally zings between Jack and Cameron, as their feelings for one another gradually change from adversarial to intimate, she shares some surprising information about the case that had ripped them apart 3 years previously. The love scenes in this book are much more erotic than Ms. James’s previous two, and considering Jack Pallas, they are perfect.

There were a couple of things that I found really refreshing about this story. First, Cameron cooperates with the authorities regarding her protection and surveillance, she is not a foolish woman where her safety is concerned. Second, I loved the development of the romance between Jack and Cameron, it was atypical in one respect in particular (you will have to read the book to see what I mean). Further, the character development is exemplary both for the protagonists and antagonists.

If you enjoy a good contemporary romantic suspense you may like to give “Something About You” a try. If you have read Ms. James’s previous two novels and have been looking forward to this one I don’t think you will be disappointed.

I think I read one reviewer call this book an “intoxicating treat”, and I have to echo that comment. I was almost sorry when I finished the novel.