Hold on Tight

Hold on Tight - Stephanie Tyler Chris's story is the finale of Stephanie Tyler's "Hard To Hold" trilogy and I loved this book and the trilogy so much I was sorry when it ended."Hold On Tight" made the New York Times Bestseller list and I’m not surprised because Ms. Tyler crafted a sensual, thrilling, fast paced, suspenseful story and she ends her trilogy of novels on a high note.

My Thoughts:

I have to admit to being a little bias about this novel because I had a thing for Chris Waldron right from the beginning when he was introduced in "Hard To Hold". As his character was developed and integrated into the plot of "Too Hot To Hold", I new he would likely become my favorite. There is the fact certainly that I am attracted to heroes with a New Orleans drawl, but there is far more to Chief Petty Officer Chris Waldron then just an accent. He is the SEAL team's sniper and therefore focused and lethal, however he is also their medic, is sensitive and very intuitive, he in fact has a psychic gift. Chris is like a force of nature, he ia driven, charismatic and has a special way with women, a “magic touch” as it were, likely related to his ‘gift’ which he never really wanted or appreciated.

FBI Agent Jamie Michaels is a complex heroine, raised in witness protection under the US Marshal’s jurisdiction she built a thick wall around herself, sharing the secrets of her family with no one. Jamie met Chris as part of a romance/suspense subplot in “Too Hot To Hold”, and their sexual chemistry and attraction was instantaneous and undeniable. In a downed plane, surrounded by danger and under the worst of circumstances they became intimate. Chris wanted to be with Jamie, but she wasn’t ready to make any sort of commitment so at the end of the day, she let him walk away.

As the synopsis of “Hold On Tight” indicates Chris and Jamie are thrown back together following the dismal failure of a high stakes mission in Africa. Chris and other SEAL teammates were part of a Joint Task Force, the leader of the mission, an FBI agent ‘Josiah’ is killed during a chaotic riot outside an embassy. In addition, Chris’s friend and teammate Mark is tortured and killed by the rebels. It was a horrific mission marked by tragedy and loss as only Chris and one other SEAL escape. Chris wakes up in a military hospital in Africa wounded both physically and emotionally.

Jamie Michaels is the FBI Agent assigned to investigate the circumstances surrounding Josiah’s death. Following an initial investigation into what happened Chris is suspected of killing Josiah for a variety of reasons. It is under these unfortunate and unlikely circumstances that Chris Waldron and Jamie Michaels are forced back together and while she particularly is reluctant to get involved with him again, neither can deny their feelings, or attraction.

Upon their return to the United States, Jamie’s past comes back to haunt her, there is a break in at her home. Then Chris, against best advice arrives on her doorstep and shares some shocking personal news that will either help to bind them together or push them apart. The love scenes between Jamie and Chris are erotic, special and amplified by ever present danger. I have to comment that Chris Waldron has the best medicine for migraine relief on the planet. *g*

As the investigation into the failed mission in Africa comes to a close, the threat against Jamie escalates resulting in a life and death situation that requires Chris, Jake, Nick and their commander John “Saint” St. James” to work together to protect and save her and her sister Patricia Jean or “PJ”. The plot of this story is extremely fast paced, complex and full of twists and turns.

I really liked Saint, as with Jake, Nick and Chris, he is career military and a “tortured” hero. Saint meets PJ on the beach outside his home and their relationship quickly turns from adversarial to lovers. PJ’s story is a complicated one and both she and Saint help each other to ‘feel’ again.

There are some particularly heartbreaking scenes in “Hold On Tight”, and I was moved to tears on more than one occasion. Chris is suffering from significant PTSD because of what happened during that last mission in Africa, he has a secret and he is keeping it close. As a result, he hasn't been able to fire his weapon since returning from Africa. During a tense, frightening climax to this story involving a deranged psychopathic killer and a hostage standoff he is faced with having to use his exceptional skill as a Navy SEAL sniper or lose someone that has become very important in his life.

If you enjoy military suspense stories involving tough, focused and exceptionally strong Navy SEAL’s that are thwart with danger, intrigue, packed with action and sensuality, you may like to give Stephanie Tyler’s “Hard To Hold” trilogy a try. I do think it is important to read the books in order.