Taken by Sin

Taken by Sin - Jaci Burton “Taken by Sin”, was such a great read, I felt bereft when I finished the last page. This is a story of love and redemption and Jaci Burton infuses such passion and intensity into the narrative I was kept literally spellbound.

The story picks up right where “The Darkest Touch”, left off, Dalton has rescued Isabelle from the cemetery in Sicily where a terrible clash has occurred between the demon hunters from the "Realm of Light" and the demons of the “Sons of Darkness”. Isabelle had succumbed to demonic influence and was wielding power of great evil against the demon hunters and even her sister Angelique. Dalton sees the good in Isabelle trying to break free of the demon and in a moment of weakness he knocks her unconscious and carries her away from the fray.

Dalton is ordered by Louis and Michael both “Keepers” or leaders of the “Realm of Light”, to put Isabelle to death. Instead he spirits her away, intent on saving her if he can.

Taken By Sin

On the run from his own people from “The Realm of Light” and the demonic forces of the “Sons of Darkness”, Dalton takes Isabelle who is in shock and has withdrawn into herself, deep into the Louisiana Bayou to the home of "Georgie" and her family where he has roots and a history.

Georgie is a voodoo priestess, a practitioner of white or good magic that has been passed down to her through the generations. Magic flows through Georgie and her home and Dalton hopes that being in this place along with patience and care will give Isabelle time to heal emotionally and physically so she is strong enough to fight the darkness within her.

Isabelle is plagued by self-doubt, remorse for her actions and her history of selfishness. Having fallen under the influence of the “Sons of Darkness”, she fears them and herself. She especially fears the powerful demon lord and leader “Tase”, who broke her defenses, allowing her “darkness” to emerge. She suffers from tortuous nightmares of again taken by the demons. She is however inexorably drawn to Dalton, and gains an inner strength from him. Isabelle also wants him sexually but Dalton pulls away, feeling their getting involved will complicate his plan exorcise the darkness within her.

Dalton has been a character of great mystery. Jaci Burton hinted about his previous dark history almost “otherworldly” abilities in “The Darkest Touch”, however as more about him is revealed in “Taken By Sin”, it becomes evident he is a tortured hero looking for his own redemption. In fact, he seeks to earn it by saving Isabelle. Dalton therefore sees the attraction he feels for Isabelle as being a weakness. However, when he seeks Georgie’s counsel she explains that if they are going to survive the trial ahead a spiritual and physical bond will have to be forged.

When Dalton and Isabelle do make love, it is beautiful, passionate, a sharing of power. I think I can describe Dalton best as an almost ethereal being, kindness and gentleness flows from him when he is with Isabelle. However, as their love deepens so does the ferocity of their sensual encounters.

Meanwhile Realm of Light Keeper ‘Michael’, and demon hunter ‘Mandy’ stop in Florida while on the trail of Dalton and Isabelle. Purely by chance they find and track one of the new demons that are walking the earth in human form and capture it allowing the Realm of Light to learn more about the new species' abilities.

Jaci has also penned a romantic subplot between Mandy, a strong willed, raven haired beauty with a body like an Amazon and Michael, who is her match and more in every way. I will say Mandy is a virgin and Michael sexually initiates her. And Michael? Totally Hot... ;)

The climax of this novel brings not all but some of the main characters from previous demon hunter novels together at Georgie's Bayou home where a type of exorcism of Isabelle’s demon is performed using voodoo magic and Dalton’s powers. When Tase again rears his ugly head in an attempt to take both Isabelle and Dalton into darkness one of them is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the other.

When I finished reading “The Darkest Touch”, last week I mentioned it was my favorite of Jaci Burton’s Demon Hunter novels. Now, however, “Taken by Sin” has taken it's place. Jaci tied off all the plot lines perfectly in this story, my question is will there be another Demon Hunter novel?