Unwrapped - Jaci Burton Meet Amy Parker and Justin Garrett, two brilliant, fiercely competitive legal eagles working their way to the top at the Los Angeles law firm where they are both employed. Amy is a junior partner and Justin’s superior. She has been employed longer at the firm than he and has worked extremely hard for 8 years toward earning a senior partnership. Justin is 5 years younger than Amy and “hit the ground running”, after being employed 3 years previously. He is rapidly making his way up the ladder at the law firm and considered to be the “golden boy”. Needless to say Amy harbors some jealousy with respect to Justin's accomplishments.

There is a magnetic sexual attraction between Amy and Justin, however she is known as the “ice queen”, all business, wearing conservative suits and never letting her guard down. Amy however, has secret sexual fantasies and desires that are bubbling to the surface, and she been in a long sexual drought. She feels extremely frustrated and finds herself having erotic daydreams concerning Justin more and more, but refuses to become involved with professional associates at the law firm.

As the book opens Amy and Justin are on a corporate jet flying from Los Angeles to Hawaii to close a divestiture for one of multimillionaire mogul Mitch Magruder’s companies. While Mitch is a secondary character in this novella he plays a key roll in the relationship that develops between Amy and Justin.

Christmas in Hawaii, can you think of a more fabulous place to spend the season with two drop dead gorgeous men? I sure can’t. (lol) But according to Amy Parker esq. the four days she is spending there with Justin and Mitch is about business and nothing more. Little does she know, Justin has accidentally read an email she sent to her best friend where Amy has described her most private naughty, kinky, sex fantasy. Justin is very intrigued and very turned on, and decides he is going to gift Amy with a special 'present' during their Christmas ‘business trip’.

The setting for this novella is breathtaking, Hawaii is my favorite place in the world and I could see the sun setting over the ocean and hear the waves lapping on the shore. The love scenes between Amy and Justin are HOT, HOT, HOT and there is a ménage scene Jaci penned into this story that is incredibly erotic.

I wouldn’t say there is an antagonist per se in this story, however the conflict arises from within Amy herself. As her professional persona and need for success wars with her fear about what will come from her involvement with Justin, her ‘subordinate’, and a 'competitor' surfaces, let me put it this way; it does not make for, “smooth sailing”. Amy is also convinced Justin's motive for bedding her is to use her to climb to the top of the law firm.

Mitch Magruder is an incredibly sexy 40 something surfer athlete who is a powerful business entrepreneur. There is however a gentleness and kindness about Mitch that makes him a memorable character, one a reader wants to know more about.

Unwrapped is an entertaining, sweet, and funny erotic romance novella that I would highly recommend. It is a short read and has all the ingredients you look for in great sexy story.