Snowbound - Larissa Ione “Snowbound” is a heartwarming contemporary romance story about Robyn Montgomery a career driven radio station manager and Sean Trenton a previous Olympian skier turned ski patroller.

Robyn is forced to return to her home near a world famous ski resort for a reunion where many traumatic memories from her high school years await.

Sean loves his work as a ski patroller but is haunted by repercussions from a very unfortunate illness he endured 2 years previously. This hero is drop dead gorgeous (just look at the book's cover art and you will see what I mean – lol) and epitomizes everything women find so attractive about snow patrollers.

What made this book a keeper for me was that I could identify with the characters, especially Robyn. Larissa spins a beautiful romance surrounding Robyn and Sean filled with conflicts and difficulties. The attraction between them is electric and the love scenes are sensual and gentle.

Snowbound is one of my favorite contemporary romance stories this year and I highly recommend the read.