Pleasure Unbound

Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione "Pleasure Unbound", is IMHO one of the best books I've read of it's genre to be published in 2008. Larissa has woven erotic romance, suspense, and treachery into a great storyline in an original setting. The story is laced with dark wit and the action scenes are explosive. The book opens at "Underworld General", a hospital created for the treatment of demons and all manner of paranormal creatures. It is here we meet the main protagonist of the book, "Eidolon", a charismatic (and I mean charismatic), demon physician who has endured many losses in an ongoing war with a society of demon hunters and exterminators. Practicing medicine is Eidolon's passion, however he is struggling to control dark impulses that are raging within him as part of a transitional phase inherent to his species.

Enter "Tayla Mancuso", a tormented human demon hunter who Eidolon reluctantly saves from certain death, only to find that she alone awakens powerful desires within him. Tayla is a tough, determined and highly trained warrior that resists an overwhelming attraction to Eidolon. The conflict and barriers between these two unlikely lovers seem insurmountable. However, the sensuality that erupts between them is volcanic, literally sizzling off the pages.

There is a cast of well-developed and endearing supporting characters introduced in the book woven into sub-plots that don't overtake the overall storyline but keep the entire read exhilarating and entertaining. As a reader I cannot help but want to know what happens to the other characters Larissa has skillfully introduced in this, the first book of her Demonica series.

If you enjoy a good dark erotic paranormal romance, "Pleasure Unbound" is well worth the money spent and the reading time. I am eagerly looking forward to the next books in the series. “Desire Unchained”, will be available near the end of February 2009, and “Passion Unleashed”, available at the end of March 2009.