Devoured by Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, Book 7)

Devoured by Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, Book 7) - Alexandra Ivy The synopsis of Devoured by Darkness describes Tane perfectly: devastatingly strong, breathtakingly sensual. As a powerful Charon or vampire executioner Tane answers only to Styx, the powerful vampire King. Tane is both feared and hated by his kin and by choice leads an isolated existence. Tane is of Polynesian ancestry, he has honey gold eyes and black hair, he is one with nature, I found him extremely seductive and animalistic.

As a halfbreed demon and human Laylah has unique, but unpredictable power. One of her talents is shadow walking which enables her to move between dimensions traveling a great distance to a place of her choosing. She can also strike out with frightening strength, causing lightening strikes and power surges. She can be deadly. Like Tane, she has been an outcast all her life, as Jin half-breeds are forbidden by the powerful demon Oracles, who form the Commission of judgment. She has been living in hiding or fleeing from the Commission’s edict most of her life.

As the story opens we find Laylah near exhaustion, after running for days from a vampire who has remained cloaked in shadow and moves like the wind. When she can go no further and realizes it is hopeless to try to outrun the annoying “leech” she finally turns and faces her pursuer. Tane is extremely intuitive and he knows the beautiful halfbreed is hiding something she values above all else, a child. He senses she is important but doesn’t understand why. Alexandra Ivy penned incredible sexual chemistry between these two, from their first confrontation, Tane wants Laylah and he will not be denied.

Laylah proves to be extremely resourceful and cunning, she doesn’t trust anyone and her relationship with Tane proves to be a battle of the wills. This is one independent, determined heroine and as fate would have it, the vampire who she initially considered a deadly enemy becomes her lover and fiercest protector. In fact, he ends up physiologically bound to her. In London, England Laylah finally learns more about her origins, and the identity of her true enemies.

Alexandra Ivy penned a malevolent, psychotic antagonist in the vicious vampire Marika who keeps Sergei Krakov an evil mage at her side. Marika has been searching for Laylah for a long time as she and the child she protects is key to her horrific plan to rule the world. Marika’s evil is absolutely chilling, and her manipulation of Laylah is nothing short of diabolical. Further, Sergei is equally power hungry, the mage and his malicious magic is not unknown to Laylah.

I thoroughly enjoyed this paranormal thrill ride that is packed full of surprising revelations and action. Tane and Laylah both have tragic pasts and I found them to be extremely lonely. Their romance is especially wonderful because their desire, I think is amplified by the fact that they need companionship.

Tane’s need to protect Laylah is thwarted by the Oracles who issue a dire proclamation regarding his involvement with the half-breed Jin, it seems she holds the future of the world in her hands. They are in a race against time to retrieve the child she has hidden away and stop Marika and Sergei from releasing catastrophe on the world. I found the climax and conclusion of this novel to be a nail biter.

Devoured by Darkness is the 7th novel in the Guardians of Eternity series and I’ve been reading the stories from last to first. Alexandra Ivy provides excellent background information for her world and its inhabitants, in each book and think the stories could be read as standalones, however once I became immersed in her world I wanted to know more. I have to admit to loving vampire stories and am so impressed by this author’s characterization of these alpha heroes. Her characterization and prose brings their power and strength to life on the page, further the numerous ghoulies that are woven into this plot are so creative. Most notable is Levet, a miniature gargoyle with a French accent who inevitably ingratiates himself with the novel’s heroine and readers alike. He is so peculiar in appearance and mannerisms that he is cute!

There is a story arc written in Devoured by Darkness that leads to the 8th book in the series, Bound by Darkness that is was released this week. If you enjoy a dark paranormal romance that hosts a stellar cast of characters you may like to give Devoured by Darkness a try.