Black Legacy

Black Legacy - Juliana Stone Ms. Stone, penned some hefty world building as well as a very hot romance into to plot of this short story’s 35 pages. “Black Legacy” is the first book in the “Black Opals” series. I love the cover art for this little story because the hero and heroine are exactly as I would have pictured them.

Three hundred years in the future “Frankie Black” is one of a few unique women gifted with the power of the ‘black opal’ (a jewel she wears on a necklace) or the ability to time shift. Frankie and her sisters are, as the synopsis indicates, warrior women who defend the world against the “New Order,” a group that has scientifically developed the ability to time shift to use for evil purposes. Frankie and her sisters essentially keep the world safe from a catastrophe resulting from the New Order meddling with time and changing what was meant to be.

Frankie is sent to protect “Dekkar James,” a famous rock star who lives in our time. She doesn’t know why he is important to the world nor does she question her assignment, however her instinct tells her that something very bad is about to happen. When she meets the “target” nothing could have prepared her for the drop dead gorgeous Dekkar, who drips sensuality like a leaky faucet. There is an instantaneous almost feral attraction between these two which leads to a very hot sex scene. Danger interferes as the New Order bears down on them, and to protect Dekkar, Frankie must convince her new found love interest that she is not a crazy woman and further, he is in grave danger.

The synopsis gives an excellent overview of the story so I am not going to say too much more for fear of spoiling it for those of you who might like to read “Black Legacy.” I will say Frankie and Dekkar’s story ends in a cliff hanger and I am really looking forward to the next book in the series. Ms Stone developed a strong H &H and interesting secondary characters for this tale and I found it to be a unique time travel romance as the heroine goes back to present time from a distant future on another planet.